Rose F80 Recolours

I got a request for the hair I made for Darla, and I'd made naturals for my game anyway, so heres to sharing!
They are the orginal Rose textures (Ya Way!) but more normal and eye pleasing colours IMO, I did the 4 naturals shades plus a green streaky under the sea colour and my favourite colour to add into my game and forget to use: purple streaky people eater. Also the pink/red with the black tips (Darla's hair) is included. As is the mesh.
Bodyshop model is Darla, in game models are her twin daughters Molly and Poppy, currently spicing up uni as we speak.

Raon F75 - Edit + Recolour

I did one colour for a sim I was making and then got a little carried away... so I present to you Raon F75, alpha edited (no headband and shorter bangs) with some tasty textures, binned, mesh included, grey linked to black. Bonus Dark Red and Purple People Eater colours in there too.

Also, if there's a colour anyone wants I really liked playing with this hair and how the 'streaks' came out on the purple, so I'm open to suggestions/request.



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